Serrapeptase is a miracle enzyme that cures almost all diseases

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Serrapeptase, known as butterfly enzyme, E-15, or silkworm enzyme, is a proteolytic enzyme or protein breakdown enzyme isolated from microbes indigenous to the silkworm digestive system.

These microbes produce an enzyme that is strong enough to break down mulberry leaves, the only food that silkworms feed on. This enzyme helps silkworm larvae to build their silk cocoons in the shortest possible time. Serrapeptase is a powerful biological anti-inflammatory mediator.

In the early 1970s, scientists successfully isolated serrapeptase from microbes naturally positioned in the silkworm larva’s womb. This enzyme has the ability to remove inanimate tissues from the body. This enzyme is used worldwide in the process of clinical rehabilitation of patients. This preparation is used in some lung injuries because it is believed to have the ability to break down the mucus that is created in the lungs and airways.

This preparation is often used in osteoarthritis as a sedative to reduce the symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases.

Use of serapeptase

serapetase leg pain

Serrapeptase is a biological compound used as an anti-inflammatory agent and which is generally used in the following cases:

Use in the treatment of arthritis

It is used in various forms of heart disease

Excellent assistant in solving the problem of dental infections

This compound can be used instead of drugs that fight inflammation, have an analgesic effect, and reduce swelling. This compound also motivates the immune system.

This preparation is a natural substitute for ibuprofen and other similar drugs and can be sold without a prescription. Serrapeptase assimilates inanimate tissue, blood clots, cysts, tumors, and arterial plaques, and of course, the aforementioned inflammations in all forms. It is a natural, physiological agent devoid of gastrointestinal side effects. Serrapeptase is the best and strongest natural anti-inflammatory drug with no side effects.

Serrapeptase plays a significant role in wound healing and healing and recovery. Recovery is accelerated and in a very recognizable form.

Serrapeptase has been found to reduce blood clotting and melt clots and reduce varicose veins. Researchers from Germany have determined that serrapeptase successfully eliminates atherosclerotic plaques without damaging healthy cells in the artery wall.

Serrapeptase also has anti-fibrotic properties and successfully suppresses scar configuration.

Serapeptase research and clinical practice

serapeptase image research

During the research of German scientists, it was also proven that serrapeptase effectively eradicates the formation of sticky deposits, plaques inside blood vessels.

Serrapeptase is used extensively in clinical practice in Japan.  The effects of serrapeptase on symptoms in patients with persistent airway disease were studied in Japan’s research project. After a month of treatment with serrapeptase, the amount of slime and mucus has drastically decreased.

Besides, the activity of coughing and expectoration also decreased. The researchers concluded that serrapeptase might affect the decrease in neutrophil count and also that it may alter the elasticity and viscous behavior of mucus in patients with continuous respiratory problems. In another study, it was proven that people with ear, throat, and nose problems could find significant relief using serrapeptase.

Additional research has been done, especially in people with chronic sinusitis. The test was performed on the elasticity and viscosity of mucus in the sinuses. After a month, the mucus amount decreased significantly, and its density was also reduced.

Use and application serapeptase

pill use orally

Japanese scientists recommend taking this enzyme orally because of its properties because its use can prevent viral diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis C and B.

The function of serrapeptase is very impressive to have a preventive effect on the development of any cardiovascular disease. In Germany, this enzyme has declared a miracle because Dr. Hans Nieper has been shown to remove carotid artery obstruction by serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase is often used in European hospitals as a supplement for painful injuries such as ligament sprains to reduce inflammation in post-surgical conditions of patients.

Serrapeptase has been adopted in Germany as a therapy for inflammation. German research has found that this enzyme can reduce inflammation by up to 50% in postoperative patients. Patients taking serrapeptase had a reduced degree of pain compared to the control group, and by the tenth day of taking this enzyme, the pain had completely disappeared. Breast swelling and breast pain were reduced by 87%. This phenomenon is related to serrapeptase’s ability to break down proteins into smaller amino acids, especially those associated with the swelling characteristic.

There is a wide spectrum of serrapeptase action, which is very important for improving human health. It can be used for nerve injuries in people with multiple sclerosis, ear infections, allergies, airway obstruction, inflammation of the glands, sore throat, rhinitis, constant pain, arthritis, back pain and neck pain, diabetes, ulcers, osteoporosis, prostate problems, rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, post-operative scars and scratches, varicose veins, arterial disease, angina pectoris, blood clotting, re-establishment of strong fibrin metabolism and reduction of C reactive protein CRP.

Treatment diseases enzymes

After several years of persistent effort and struggle, treatment with systemic enzymes has gained a foothold in the United States. This treatment is the basis for unconventional management of malignancy, and on that occasion, enzymes are used to fight cancer.

Specialists are becoming aware of the medical benefits activated through this program. Renowned naturopath Dr. Mike Murray supports systemic enzymes’ use in his article “How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with the Help of Natural Medicine.”

The late German doctor Hans Nieper used serapeptosis to remove arterial obstructions in patients suffering from coronary heart problems. This preparation protected all his patients from stroke.

This enzyme activity was faster than EDTA chelation and resolved arterial plaque much faster than the aforementioned drug. The German scientist informed the public that serapeptosis melts blood clots and reduces varicose veins. In the case of a woman who was planning to have her arm and leg amputated and a guy who was planning to have a bypass operation, in both cases, the condition was repaired without the need for surgery.

Specialists worldwide especially appreciate this enzyme and include it in all therapies against various types of cancer. Serrapeptase is a biological catalyst that accelerates chemical reactions in the human body.  

Enzyme deficiency is an ever-present problem in the body of people with cancer. Including specific enzymatic processes can very seriously jeopardize cancer survival in the body. Since serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, it breaks down various proteins in the human body. One of them is Fibrin, a protein that our body produces whenever it wants to regenerate and repair tissues in the body.

The fibrinolytic system also includes the formation of tumors, cysts, and inanimate cells of all types. Serrapeptase breaks down fibrin and reduces the possibility of an increase and spread of cancer and other foreign bodies in our body.


Enzymes are not dangerous to the human body. They represent small associates in the human body that should be consumed regularly. This is especially true for people who suffer from some of the aforementioned diseases. In any case, you can use more than one enzyme simultaneously. A mixture of the enzymes papain, bromelain, and rutin is often used. Scientific research has shown that a mixture of these systemic enzymes helps the body maintain an immune system.

When using serrapeptase, anticoagulants should be avoided, which are the following: fish oil, garlic, turmeric, aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel, diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, heparin, naproxen.

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