Sweet wormwood Artemisia annua tincture 100 ml sale

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Sweet wormwood tincture 100 ml

It favors the detoxification of the digestive tract and the whole body. Antiparasitic effect.



Sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua) belongs to the family Compositae and is a perennial plant, distributed mainly in North America, Central Europe, Ukraine, the European part of Russia and China. Its tree is erect, brownish or purple-brown in color. The plant itself is 30 to 100 cm tall without hair, although the height of cultivated plants can reach 200 cm. The leaves of sweet wormwood are 3 to 5 cm long. The plant has a characteristic pleasant aroma and smell. The content of Artemisinin in dry leaves is between 0.5 and 1.5%. In the new hybrids of Artemisia annua, developed in Switzerland, it can reach 2%. Wormwood flowers are greenish-yellow. The seeds are brown with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm. Sweet wormwood grows best on sandy soils.

Sweet wormwood treatment

Stems of sweet wormwood (Herba Artemisiae annuae) as well as young leaves (Folia Artemisiae annuae) are used for medicinal purposes. After picking, they should be dried in the shade, in well-ventilated rooms. Sweet wormwood plant contains oils, organic acids, trityrpenoids, steroids, alkaloids, flavonoids, phenocarboxylic acids, coumarins, vitamins B2, C and K.

Sweet wormwood is used in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce fever, inflammation, headaches, bleeding and to treat malaria. It is widely used in folk medicine due to its antiparasitic action.

Numerous in vitro studies have shown that artemisinin, the active ingredient in Artemisia annua, can be just as effective as quinine in treating malaria. Sweet wormwood is also effective against quinine-resistant strains of malaria. Products with Artemisinin and sweet wormwood are available in Madagascar as a cure for Corona virus infection. Although there is currently no detailed research on this topic, it is interesting that both plants, effective in malaria, are also used in corona virus strains.

Studies in rats have shown that sweet wormwood can have contraceptive properties.

Anticancer properties

The anticancer properties of sweet wormwood have been actively studied in recent decades. Terpenoids and flavonoids isolated from the plant show cytotoxic effects in several human tumor cells.

Artemisinin is thought to have anticancer effects because it contains an endoperoxide group. Artemisinin has high anticancer activity due to interaction with iron complexes in the blood / Efferth, Thomas; Benakis, Achilles; Romero, Marta R .; Tomicic, Maja Rauh, Rolf; Steinbach, Daniel; Hafer, Ralph; Stammerer, Thomas; Oesch, Franz (2004-10-01). “Enhancement of cytotoxicity of artemisinin to cancer cells by iron”. Free radical biology and medicine. 37 (7): 998–100.

According to other studies, Artemisinin induces apoptosis or the process of programmed cell death in cancer cells / Lai HC, Singh NP, Sasaki T (February 2013). “Development of artemisinin compounds for cancer treatment.” Invest new drugs. 31 (1): 230–46 /.

Synthetic derivatives of artimizinin have also been studied for their anticancer properties.

Contraindications to sweet wormwood

Sweet wormwood, like other types of wormwood, is not recommended for ulcers, gastritis and other stomach ailments.

Product action and application

It favors the detoxification of the digestive tract and the whole body. Antiparasitic effect. Sweet wormwood or also known as “Chinese wormwood” is a widespread plant in Chinese medicine as a powerful remedy for many diseases. It mainly helps to detoxify the whole body and remove accumulated parasites, bacteria, fungi and toxins. It also has antiparasitic and antiseptic effects, and is successfully used as a supplement for stomach problems due to stimulating appetite and digestive stimulating effect. With its active substance, artemisinin contributes to the removal of many parasites that disrupt the metabolism of substances that enter our body from the environment.


Chinese sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua). The content of one maximum daily dose of 90 drops contains 900 mg of sweet wormwood. 1ml contains 1ml of wormwood tincture 1: 5, which corresponds to 250mg of sweet wormwood.

Contains: Glycerin 59%

No prescription.

Method of use and dosage

Oral – Drink according to the scheme: Day 1 – 1 drop per 100 ml of water, Day 2 – 2 drops and so every day the drops increase by 1 to 14 days (14 drops). 15. and on the 16th day use 90 drops in 200 ml of water. Later on On the 16th day, prophylactically use 30-60 drops once a week.

It is useful to take with dietary supplements: iron, vitamin C and folic acid. The preparation increases the body’s absorption of iron.


It is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people under the age of 18 with inflammatory diseases of the stomach, thyroid disease, and individual intolerance. Warning: In large doses the plant is toxic!


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