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Medicinal properties, application of milk thistle
The plant is used by folk healers alone and in combination with various medicinal herbs. This plant is EXTREMELY USEFUL FOR THE LIVER, strengthens memory, helps to cope with neuroses, improves blood circulation. It is also recommended for diseases of the female genital organs, menstrual disorders, pulmonary tuberculosis and diseases of the joints and heart. The plant has anticonvulsant and antidepressant effect, diuretic effect.

Recommended for the following diseases:
liver diseases colds; cystitis; urethritis; hemorrhoids; edema of various origins; a cough; bronchial asthma; laryngitis. It has a positive effect on hepatitis, jaundice and toxic liver problems.


Vegetable oil obtained from burdock seeds (Silibum marianum) is a valuable food product and medicine used in traditional medicine. High therapeutic and prophylactic properties of milk thistle oil are associated with the presence of chlorophyll, carotenoids, tocopherols and complexes of polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin P). The latter binds cholesterol in a form that is easily removed from the body, preventing it from accumulating on the walls of blood vessels.

It stimulates the overall fat metabolism, which is why it is called “fat burner”.

Chlorophyll – activates metabolic processes in cells, rejuvenates tissues, stimulates recovery processes (regeneration). This explains the healing properties of the external use of milk thistle oil, stimulating blood circulation with a general effect on the body.

Carotenoids have antihistamine (antiallergic) activity, stimulate metabolism in the liver and heart muscle. Carotene is involved in the work of the retina and is necessary for the body as a growth factor. It actively participates in the regenerative processes of cells.

Carotene can “store” oxygen and partially compensate for poor tissue oxygen supply (including atherosclerosis).

Tocopherols – effectively protect the body from the effects of chemical and physical factors that cause tumor development, have powerful antioxidant and antimutagenic effects, prevent the body’s natural aging, maintain reproductive function and muscle contractility.

The main component of milk thistle oil is a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic (61-62%), oleic (21-22%), stearic (3.5-4%), arachidic (about 2%), palmitic (about 9%) ), behen (1-1.5%).

Milk thistle activities

Milk thistle oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. An effective hepatoprotector. It prevents the absorption of toxic compounds that enter the body through water and food. Milk thistle oil protects the body when chemical compounds reach it, has an anti-ulcer effect and promotes the healing of ulcers. An effective remedy for wounds, burns (including sunburn).

Milk thistle oil increases the body’s resistance and strengthens the immune system.

Application of milk thistle oil

– Cirrhosis and enlarged liver.

– Hepatitis, alcoholic liver damage.

– Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.

– heartburn, acute and chronic gastritis.

– Cholecystocholangitis, biliary dyskinesia.

– Periodontitis and stomatitis.

– Damaged skin, burns (chemical, thermal), non-healing wounds.

Milk thistle oil is extremely valued in the treatment of long-lasting wounds in the second phase of the wound process. Improves reparative processes, activates the growth of granules, accelerates the healing period. Milk thistle oil is also used for therapeutic massage in cosmetics.

Study of the properties of milk thistle oil

In the treatment of infected burns of 1 degree, the following picture is observed:

Signs of inflammation subside in 3-5 days, swelling and redness decrease. After applying milk thistle oil, an increase in wound healing is noticed. The dressings are made daily, the wounds are quickly cleared of purulent-fibrinous dressings and edge epithelialization occurs.

In the group of patients with long-term pressure ulcers, there is a clear positive trend for 5-7 days of treatment with milk thistle oil, swelling and marginal epithelialization appear, and complete healing of wounds is noticed in 12-15 days.

The use of burdock oil helps to remove cosmetic scars, and treatment with sea buckthorn oil leads to the creation of coarser tissue. An experimental study of the acute and chronic toxicity of milk thistle seed oil showed that it is a non-toxic compound and is well tolerated. As a result of the study, it was determined that burdock oil has no mutagenic properties and does not damage DNA, which indicates that the oil has no potential carcinogenic danger.

Milk thistle oil has unique anti-inflammatory, healing properties, capable of accelerating the processes of epithelialization and regeneration of skin defects of various origins.

The effect of burdock oil on the healing of stomach ulcers

Milk thistle oil can be used as an anti-ulcer agent in the treatment of erosions and prophylactically – to prevent peptic ulcer disease.

The use of burdock oil in gynecological practice

Cold pressed oil from the seeds of the plant is applied inside and out. In gynecological pathology, burdock oil is used due to the presence of a large amount of vitamin E, necessary for the regulation of the sexual and endocrine system in men and women. Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants that prevents tumor processes.

Milk thistle oil contains many other fat-soluble trace elements, several types silymarin . With the help of these components, the oil has healing properties. Milk thistle oil is especially effective in atrophic vaginitis in menopause accompanied by itching. The oil is inserted into the vagina in the amount of 3 ml in the evening. It is better to apply the oil not with a tampon, but with a syringe without a needle, and then raise the pelvis so that the oil falls on the cervix. Do not rinse the oil from the vagina. The course of treatment is 12 daily procedures.

In case of an infectious-inflammatory process in the vagina, you should use a mixture of milk thistle oil with tea tree oil. Add 2.5 ml of 100% tea tree oil to 50 ml of burdock oil. Stir the mixture well before use. The method of insertion into the vagina is the same as described above. A similar combination is used in the complex treatment of cervical erosion, in order to prevent infections and prevent scars.

Contraindications to milk thistle oil

Do not take this product if you are taking prescription antidepressants or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before use.

Milk thistle contains a large number of active substances: silymarin, bioflavonoids, saponins, essential oil, traces of alkaloids, tannins, oxalic, malic, malonic, glycolic and citric acid. It also contains natural proteins, vitamin K, other macro and microelements.

The composition of milk thistle
Silibum Marianum oil

Recommended use of milk thistle oil

As a dietary supplement, take one teaspoon 3 times daily before meals. Food supplement: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use in children under 18 years of age. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Contents of one dose: 1 teaspoon / 5ml /

Daily dose content: 3 teaspoons / 15ml /

Other Ingredients: Gelatin.

Nutritional value of food supplement: 3682kJ / 896kcal


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