Liposomal vitamin C Mercola 60 capsules

Each bottle of liposomal vitamin C contains 60 capsules.

This product from Dr. Mercola company does not contain gluten, GMO-free, and does not contain soy.

By modifying the phospholipids, protective liposomes are formed, which help their content in this case of vitamin C to improve its transport and reduce the losses that otherwise occur in the stomach. In this way, the usability increases by almost 90%, while ordinary vitamin C’s usability is only 10%.

Each capsule contains 1000 mg of quality liposomal vitamin C in a semi-liquid state.

Product in preparation


Special liposomal technology Mercola helps absorb various healthy compounds, including vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C contains phospholipids from sunflower oil lecithin that does not contain modified compounds or GMOs. There is evidence that when mixed with water, these phospholipids create a liposomal envelope that is very similar to the walls of our cells. In this way, the compound, in this case, vitamin C, passes very easily from the intestines into the bloodstream. When absorbed into the bloodstream, liposomes circulate in the body and have a delayed-release time that can last as long as 24 hours.

Rigorously tested liposomal technology

Lycaps capsules potentially reduce the oxidation process by injecting a liquid that contains nitrogen during capsule filling. In this way, it is a bubble that allows the product to be fresh. The two parts of the capsule are hermetically welded to each other. The capsule gets the formation of one body, and in this way, the possibility of leakage is reduced. This way of filling and forming capsules prolongs the capsule’s shelf life and quality.

Antioxidant formula of Liposomal Vitamin C

Dr. Mercola’s liposomal vitamin C increases the dose and effectively transports vitamin C, unlike the classic vitamin C in the form of tablets. Sunflower lecithin oil is a carrier of all of its characteristics, a substitute for soybean oil expelled from the liposome formation process. The formation of liposomes and liposomal vitamin C increases the resistance of the preparation to external factors and, to the greatest extent, to the influence of gastric acid, which dissolves it in calcium vitamin C, the usable state is only 10%. In the case of liposomal preparations, the efficiency is over 90%.

Antioxidants such as liposomal vitamin C improve the overall health picture.

Antioxidants have the potential to positively affect your overall health and heart, immune system, improve memory and reduce the symptoms of aging.



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