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L-methionine is an amino acid needed for a number of important biochemical processes in the body, the most important of which is its participation in fat metabolism and helps eliminate fatty substances that block arteries – especially those that meet the blood, kidneys and brain to supply blood and oxygen. It also stimulates the production of creatine, another important amino acid that is involved in converting fat into energy. This provides more energy to the muscles and helps them to move fully and perform contractions. Last but not least, L-methionine has the ability to increase glutathione levels, helping the liver to neutralize toxins while maintaining cell health with its antioxidant properties.

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Methionine is an essential amino acid of sulfur that participates in protein synthesis. It is the first amino acid in the chain of any protein.

Methionine is a powerful antioxidant and is a precursor to the amino acid cysteine (about 80% of ingested methionine becomes cysteine). Methionine is also a precursor to other molecules such as carnitine, taurine, lecithin, creatine and phosphatidylcholine (choline).

L-Methionine can be represented in two structural isomers, Form D and Form L. The L-methionine form of the cell is used to form proteins, while Form D-methionine, since it is not used as a protein component, has great antioxidant capacity.

Methionine is a major donor of the methyl group. To do this, it must bind to ATP and form the C molecule adenosyl methionine. S-adenosyl methionine, also known as SAM or SAMe, intervenes in processes in the body releasing chemical components (methyl) and stimulating the nervous system, improving mood and promoting cartilage health.

Methionine can be regenerated from betaine and homocysteine. In this way, the concentration of homocysteine is reduced, which is associated with increased cardiovascular risk.

Methionine intervenes in fat metabolism, reducing their accumulation in the liver and arteries. On the other hand, methionine also helps detoxify the body of substances such as heavy metals. Methionine also participates in digestive and lymphatic function, reduces muscle weakness and improves the health of hair, skin and nails.

Finally, methionine lowers the level of histamine in the blood. If this substance accumulates, it can cause discomfort, migraine or skin reactions.

Some of the natural sources of L methionine are:

Animal origin: meat, eggs, fish and dairy products.

Plant origin: whole grains, onions, soybeans, seeds, nuts and brewer’s yeast.

L-Methionine is a limiting amino acid in legumes, but it is quite rich in cereals and animal proteins. For that reason, by consuming legumes in combination with cereals or

proteins of animal origin achieve a protein of higher nutritional quality and high biological value.


L-Methionine is necessary for protein formation and is used to achieve adequate muscle performance in athletes. Its use is interesting in order to avoid muscle weakness, strain and joint diseases.

By intervening in the synthesis of carnitine and taurine, the consumption of L-methionine affects digestion and fat metabolism. It is also used to prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries (atherosclerosis).

Its use may be recommended for nervous system disorders such as anxiety, stress and some liver disorders (always under medical supervision).

The application of L-methionine contributes to the maintenance of the skin, hair and nails. It is also used to promote wound healing and as an adjunct in the treatment of allergies.


The minimum recommendations for L-methionine as an essential amino acid are 13 mg / kg / day for adults to ensure that their needs are met. However, these requirements have increased among athletes.

As a treatment for liver poisoning with paracetamol, 2.5 grams is used every 4 hours. This instruction should always be followed by a healthcare professional.

Preventive measures

Consumption of L-methionine in natural protein ratios is considered safe. High intake of L-methionine can increase homocysteine levels in the blood, to prevent this, the recommended dose should not be exceeded and provide sufficient amounts of vitamin B12, vitamin B9 and vitamin B6.

There are not enough studies on its use in pregnancy and lactation, so its consumption is not recommended in these cases.

L-Methionine can increase the acidity of the blood, so people with acidemia should control its consumption.

L-methionine, Bioherba, 60 capsules, 350 mg

Ingredients : L-methionine.

Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily, preferably with a meal.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use in children under 18 years of age. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Content of one capsule: L-methionine 350 mg.

Daily dose content: L-methionine 350 mg.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin.

Nutritional value of the food supplement: 14 kcal / 100 g

Caution: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a doctor before use if you are taking prescription drugs.





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