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Graviola 450 mg, 60 capsules

Graviola is a powerful plant that has been used by local South Americans for centuries to improve the body’s natural defenses. What makes graviola so unique is the wide range of biologically active phytonutrients that naturally reach all cells and systems in the human body.

Ingredients: Graviola (Annona muricata).

Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with water.


There are medicinal ingredients in every part of the Graviola tree. This tree is used by many peoples living in the valley of the Amazon River, mostly residents of Brazil. It is also grown in the forests of North America. It can grow up to 15 meters in height and is covered with green, broad shiny leaves. Its miraculous fruit is green, sometimes with shades of yellow with a shiny surface, it has the shape of a human heart with a surface that most resembles the bark of a cactus. White fruit puree from the inside of the fruit has powerful healing effects. Graviola fruit is rich in carbohydrates, fructose and has a high nutritional value enriched with vitamins from the B-complex family and vitamin C. The natives used the leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits and roots of Graviola and for centuries have treated various disorders from arthritis to problems with liver. The Indians have always known the value of this tree and its healing properties when its divergent parts are consumed in order to cure various diseases.

Graviola research

Research around the world has revealed many important facts about the healing properties of Graviola:

Graviola distillates have anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-rheumatic and cytoxic effects (mainly against prostate and pancreatic cancer). In breastfeeding women who consume Graviola, it can build a defense in their children against the flu, coughs, colds, swelling and susceptibility to various other diseases. Teas prepared from the roots and bark of the plant have a calming effect and also maintain glucose levels.

Indian communities in the rainforests sprinkle the seeds of this plant on their bed and the space around the bed, which guarantees a good and peaceful sleep. South American naturopaths used Graviola to fix conditions such as fever, arthritis, bronchial asthma and various liver diseases, heart muscle disease (especially good for people suffering from hypertension) nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, hair damage, loss of appetite, deadly infections. In ancient traditional medicine, Graviola seeds successfully remove parasites from the human body.

Jamaicans and West Indians use Graviola fruit to stop diarrhea and reduce the effects of fever. Brazilians use Graviola tea to solve liver problems and use isolated seed oil to treat arthritis and rheumatism. In Guyana, beer is made from leaves and tea, which have a calming effect and are also healthy for the heart.

Graviola is useful in strengthening the immune system and the body’s natural defenses against various negative factors. It helps in the treatment of severe migraine headaches. It works extremely well on various muscle problems.

Anti-carcinogenic properties of Graviola

Due to the increased need for less harmful treatments for the human body, biological treatments have become a priority in the treatment of cancer. The concept that Graviola distillate can become an acceptable cure for cancer is supported by the configuration of the plant itself, which consists of an unusual group of phytochemicals known as actogens. Many scientists have confirmed that these chemicals are effective against growths caused by cancerous diseases that have not shown relief under many artificial anti-cancer drugs. Graviola contains 108 actogens. Actogen anonacin is the dominant anti-cancer compound found in Graviola. Scientists have discovered that the compounds from Graviola stop the progression of cancer and affect it better than Andrmicin, a type of chemotherapy used to treat lung cancer. Patients with liver and ovarian cancer who took Graviola were very successful and their condition was drastically improved within a year. Of the cured patients, not once did the cancerous disease return. Graviola has the strongest effect on liver cancer, it marks ATP nuclei near the liver. Graviola acetogens are effective in identifying ovarian cancer and they remove damaged cells before they begin to spread to the rest of the body. Unlike drugs used for chemotherapy, such as mesothelium, there are no known side effects when Graviola is used, as in the case of chemotherapy, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, hair loss. The reason is that the compounds from graviola only affect cancer cells.

Atp and Graviola

Anonaceous actogenins interfere with the production of ATP (adenosine typhosphate) and NADH (nicotinamide adenine diukeotide). Surplus action of these nucleotides is often cited as one of the options for treating malignancy. The obtained essences from Graviola successfully destroyed specific liver and breast malignancy cells, which were immune to chemotherapy. Graviola attacks cancer cells by blocking their energy resources. Currently, many cancer specialists opt for combining allopathic cancer treatments with natural therapies. Graviola extract has shown remarkable results against certain lines of liver and breast cancer combined with chemotherapy.

Graviola sale

Graviola is currently available in the form of 500 mg capsules (without sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, eggs and preservatives) in the form of a plant or extract. Consumption of graviola is recommended every day in doses suggested by a healthcare professional. It is recommended to take a break every week and a break of a week every month. Graviola extract is easily absorbed during digestion. Graviola extract is now available to everyone without the need to rewrite a recipe. Graviola extract is a very good energizer for the body and improves a wide range of body functions. Many people use plants as an alternative substitute for drugs that contain chemicals and hormones and which contain many unhealthy artificial substances.

Type of use:

Take 2 capsules 3-4 times a day.


Do not take this product if you have a psychological disorder or Parkinson’s disease.


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