ENTEROSAN Antivirus against herpes and other viral infections 360 mg


Enterosan antivirus helps with herpes zoster, HPV virus and other viral infections. It improves the response of the immune system, improves the activity of the intestinal flora and the absorption of micro and acro elements into the blood.


ENTEROSAN Antivirus FOR NORMAL INTESTINAL FLORA against herpes, 20 tablets x 360 mg

It helps herpes sufferers, including shingles. Inhibits virus replication and herpes formation. When the healing process begins, its development is facilitated. Stimulates the immune system strengthens the body’s defenses.
Enterosan Antivir is suitable for viral infections, including influenza, HPV virus, etc.

All probiotics help the body with:
– gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea caused by microbial pathogens;
– dysbacteriosis caused by antibiotic treatment;
– development of fungal infections;
– heartburn, bloating and constipation;
– damage to the intestinal mucosa;
– dysfunction of some glands of the endocrine system;
– increase in bone microelements and other systems;
– allergic and anemic body conditions.
– menopausal disorders;
– protection of the immune system.


Recommended dose:

3 times 1 tablet after meals until the symptoms of herpes disappear.
Patients prone to herpes can take it prophylactically during flu epidemics – 2 x 1 tablets in the morning and evening after meals.

Shape and packaging:

Bottle, 20 360 mg tablets






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