Black walnut tincture sale


Juglans Nigra

It favors the digestive tract’s detoxification and the whole body—pronounced antiparasitic activity. No prescription.

1ml contains 1ml of black walnut shell tincture 1:10, which corresponds to 125mg of black walnut flakes.

Black walnut.

As a dietary supplement, drink according to the schedule: 1. day – 1 drop in 100 ml of water, the second day – 2 drops, and so every day increase the drops by 1 pc. To 5. days (5 drops). On the sixth day, use 90 drops in 200 ml of water. After the sixth day of consumption, 30-60 drops prophylactically in a week.

Daily dose content:

1250mg black walnut shell.

Content per daily dose:

1250mg black walnut shell.

Dietary supplement.


Alcohol-ethanol – 22%; Glycerin 48%

Expires after first opening: 2 months.


Black walnut grows in eastern North America and Texas and is related to the walnut that has become our home. In Europe, black walnut is used as an ornamental tree or a base for grafted walnut wood. Black walnut trees have been growing in the Rhine and Danube forests since about 1900. years. Folk medicine has long used a tincture made from the bark of black walnut. You can use the black walnut tincture against parasites, fungi, yeast, and pathogens.

  • High blood pressure
  • Blood purification
  • Colon cleansing
  • Detoxification
  • Herpes (external)
  • Cancer prevention, among others breast cancer
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Parasitic drugs
  • Ring lichen (external)
  • Welding support
  • Warts (external)

Black walnut is rich in oils and many valuable ingredients such as tannins and juglone. In particular, juglone, which smells of iodine and is not found in any other known plant except black walnut, protects the tree from parasitic plants. This explains why black walnut was found in the herbal medicine of the Indians in the form of tinctures and ointments many centuries ago, for example, for the treatment of acne, abdominal pain, bloating, sore throat, ulcers, headaches, scurvy, and tuberculosis.

In traditional folk medicine, black walnut has been proven for gastrointestinal problems caused by parasites, fungi, tapeworms, yeasts, and viruses. The extract can be used internally and externally. Therefore, herbal extracts are also recommended for lichens, warts, and herpes. Although Chinese medicine breeds green walnuts to strengthen the kidneys and liver and purify the blood, European naturopathy increases the effect of black walnuts with improved blood circulation.

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