Anti allergic phytolek 70 capsules


To stimulate antiallergic and immune protection; increase stress resistance; for a beneficial effect on bone strength and the condition of the skin, nails and hair; supports the strength and elasticity of blood vessels.

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– Calcium. It plays an important role in metabolism and contributes

maintaining normal vascular tone and normal excitability of nerve and muscle tissue. Calcium is also necessary for people prone to allergic reactions, because it stimulates the body’s anti-allergic defense. The good condition of the skin, nails, hair and bones and teeth also directly depends on the levels of calcium in the body.

– Magnesium and vitamin B6. Combined, they play an extremely important role in eliminating nervousness – mental stress that is constantly accumulating in our daily lives. This is of great importance for frequent cases when allergic problems are caused or aggravated by stressful situations. In addition, magnesium is directly involved in the body’s anti-allergic protection.

– Zinc. It is extremely important for humans, because it is part of more than 200 enzymes that ensure the normal course of life processes. Zinc, like calcium and magnesium, is essential for good skin health and often suffers from allergies. Zinc deficiency in the human body can also lead to a weakened immune defense with a tendency to infect allergies and scratches on parts of the skin.

– Vitamin C. This vitamin plays an extremely important role in stimulating the body’s anti-allergic and immune defenses. Vitamin C is responsible for maintaining the normal condition of connective tissue in the human body, including that which is involved in the construction of the skin and vascular walls, and this is extremely important in the presence of allergies with skin lesions. It helps to seal the capillary wall and reduces its permeability, thus blocking the formation of edema.

– Vitamin D. Supports the absorption of calcium in the body and together with the vitamin. C stimulates immune and antiallergic protection. This is extremely important for susceptibility to both respiratory and skin allergies and infections.

– Linseed oil. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and other biologically active substances that are extremely useful for health, including the presence of allergic problems.

vit. C – 150 mg., Vit. B6 – 4 mg., Vit. D3 – 200 IU, calcium – 200 mg., Magnesium – 100 mg., Zinc – 7.5 mg., Flaxseed oil – 20 mg.

1-2 capsules daily or as recommended by your doctor.




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