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Services of professional renowned nutritionists: weight loss, weight gain, programs for athletes, healthy and sick. Programs  nutritionism for women of various ages, men and children, all in one place under expert supervision. Fast to the finish line with Eistria!


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  • counseling
  • supplement recommendations
  • dietary recommendations

Individual program

70 weekly program
  • 6 meals with recipes
  • BMI calculation
  • calculation of macronutrients

Monthly program

250 monthly program
  • all the same as with the weekly program
  • monitoring progress
  • free consultations


Professional nutritional advice is necessary for different clinical pictures. A nutritionist will help you become more confident about your diet. In nutritional counseling, you deal with your body and a wide variety of foods and recognize what is good for your body and what is not. Especially for sick people, different nutritional priorities must be set than for healthy people.

It is important to emphasize that there is no such thing as good or bad food, only proper nutrition, which represents a balanced intake of calories and nutrients. Today, we are witnessing the use of various inappropriate eating patterns as the quality of life is created. How we eat has changed, and the way we eat has also changed. When it comes to nutrition, be sure to eat nutrient-dense foods. We can eat well and get everything we need with very few calories. A healthy diet is one that does not lead to weight gain, and this allows us to maintain our weight.

Sick people cannot always eat the same foods as healthy people because certain foods cannot be used in certain diseases and situations. Healthy people can stay active and healthy by eating a balanced and varied diet. These foods contain as few artificial additives as possible – with the E-kkk mark on the packaging.



  • Dietary report with summary for the physician
  • Brochures, general nutrition information
  • Personal recipes adapted to your body
  • Documents with general information


  • Nutritional analysis
  • Analysis of eating behavior, lifestyle, daily rhythm
  • BIA – Analysis of muscle mass, fat mass and water balance


  • On request, FREE dietary reports for doctors and therapists for a smooth transition and optimal interdisciplinary work!
  • Recommendation of competent experts


Do you want care at home? I would be happy to come to you and offer other services in addition to nutritional advice.

  • Checking the fridge
  • Prophylaxis of bites
  • Training to buy
  • Cooking training

The best nutritionist experience

Experiences with nutritionists can be different, it is more important for a nutritionist to be a professional nutritionist and to have at least a high school or university degree in nutrition. It’s just the beginning, because what really matters is experience and the area in which the nutritionist has had the most experience. All our nutritionists are certified with a minimum work experience of 8 years.

How does the program work?


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Make a payment

After a few expert questions from the nutritionist based on the selected program and your needs, you can make the payment


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After that, if the condition is not urgent, you can make an appointment with one of our nutritionists.

*questions in direct chat related to our products are not charged, questions about orders, availability of individual nutritionists and scheduling meetings. All other questions are included in the consultation and are charged separately.

When is nutritional therapy needed?

During your stay in the hospital, it is especially necessary to consult a nutritionist in the following situations:

  • Malnutrition
  • Specific nutritional problems
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • After bariatric surgery
  • Diet in special situations or after operations
  • Enteral nutrition (feeding through a nasogastric tube)
  • Parenteral nutrition (feeding directly into the bloodstream)
  • Severe allergies and other intolerances

Consultations cost a little less than 15 euros. The advantage is that we are available every day 24/7 and can advise you on almost any problem you may have.

To provide you with the best possible care, we work closely with doctors, nurses, kitchen, occupational and physiotherapy and diabetic specialists.

We convey current scientific knowledge to you in an understandable way. Medical factors are taken into account, as well as your personal dietary and daily habits. In this way, you will learn which foods are good for your body.

That we are always there for you to give the best advice and recommendation, if the situation is urgent we can always advise you and recommend renowned experts in their field.

Of course. Due to the fact that we have clients all over the world, we have enabled communication through various applications such as Viber, Whatsup, Skype, Telegram. To follow the program, questions and answers, you can always turn to the offered applications.

Our clients are happy and healthy


I wanted to lose weight. The specificity of my work, programming did not allow me excessive physical activity. After tests, the eistria team and their nutritionist determined that I have a slow metabolism. With a proper diet plan and light exercises, I started losing half a kilo a week. After a few months I am at my optimal weight and feel great!

Janez Hudovernik


I have problems with the thyroid gland that does not allow me to lose weight. At least that's what I thought. After consulting with nutritionists from Eistia, I received a supplementation and nutrition program. My energy level is much higher even with the medication. TSH is at a normal level and the kilograms have slowly started to decrease. Thank you Eistria!

Matilda Carlsen


I have HPV virus for the last 2 years. Both my partner and I took tests and we found out that we are positive for type 16, which is high risk. After 3 months of the nutrition program and therapy with essential oils and supplements, I can boast that we are both "clean". Kudos to this program.

Josip Šimunić

The initial consultation usually lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, in more complex cases it may take longer (in this case, the calculation is done per minute). At the first nutritional consultation meeting, after BIA analysis (measurement of muscle mass, fat mass and water balance) and analysis of your eating behavior and lifestyle, a nutritional program adapted to your personal needs is created. Of course, you help decide what solutions are possible for you, and if you want, you can be supervised at any time. In follow-up examinations, which last 30, 45 or 60 minutes or even longer..

In subsequent consultations, other important and interesting topics will be discussed in order to find your way to a new, pleasant eating behavior in the long term.

Some recommendations for what it looks like:

Lunch is best with a complex dish consisting of meat or fish, or mushrooms, or legumes such as beans, plus many different seasonal vegetables, in the form of salads, soups or stews, not too salty, not overcooked. Dinner should be similar to breakfast, buckwheat pie, with cheese, spinach, prosciutto… everything that our family diet has always meant.

Learn to cook healthy. This is the best way to control ingredients and food preparation methods.

There are a few more things you should know: The right eating habits, like all other important things in life, are always brought from home. So don’t have unrealistic expectations and expect your children to eat meat and fish and vegetables and fruits if you don’t follow the principles of a healthy diet yourself.

Those recovering from illness are advised to eat a so-called balanced diet. This means that they have as many fruits and vegetables as possible in their diet, because they are primarily a source of vitamins and minerals. Then milk and milk products, because of calcium and vitamin D. If they eat not only red meat, but also fish and some seafood, that’s fine, among other things because of vitamin D.

Dietary supplements – recommendations for their use are based on the general condition of the organism. We are talking about preparations in the form of minerals and vitamins that we cannot enter into the body only through food. Supplements raise the immune system to a higher level and help implement a personal nutrition plan.

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