HPV virus treatment

HPV virus and its successful treatment

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We have had many calls lately from people who have a problem with the HPV virus. I want to emphasize that the HPV virus is curable if it is detected in time and if it is treated properly. You should note that the human body successfully fights this virus. Many people are carriers without knowing it at all, also while they are alive and do not feel any symptoms.

Some of the indicators of the presence of the HPV virus can be autoimmune reactions in the body that various factors can cause. When the immune system is not functioning properly, we have a problem getting it right to eliminate the HPV virus successfully.

It is best not to get this virus at all. For this reason, you should take preventive action against the HPV virus.

Autoimmune reactions and HPV

allergy and hpv virus

Autoimmune reactions, for example, can be caused by the action of the environment on the body, such as some materials that irritate you and cause the body to attack itself due to its presence. These elements can be already inside the body, like some heavy metals of mercury, aluminum, or lead. The cleansing of the organism from heavy metals is applied, and one very successful compound is zeolite.

Allergies can be food, pollen, parsnips, and various other allergens. It is essential to put your finger on your forehead at the beginning of the process and ask yourself if you actually have an allergic reaction. It will be harder for you to get rid of the HPV virus, but in case of an allergy, you should first focus on it and at the same time deal with the HPV virus. For more information on how to deal with and get rid of annoying and very dangerous allergies and how to find out what you are actually allergic to, read article 9 on ways to cure autoimmune reactions.

Thyroid and HPV

From personal experience, in many cases, thyroid gland disorder can be a stimulator for developing the HPV virus. You should note that in the absence of iodine and selenium compounds, the thyroid gland can form autoimmune reactions. If you have HPV and think you have thyroid problems that can manifest through increased nervousness, neck pain, swelling of the neck, accelerated nail and hair growth, read Article 6 of the steps to cure a thyroid gland.

Stress, nervousness and HPV

In addition to allergies, one of the critical factors for which the HPV virus survives in your body is stress. Stress is dangerous for people’s health, but in the century we live in, it is an integral part of life because due to the accelerated way of life, we do not manage to dedicate enough time to ourselves. In the absence of time, we eat poorly, consume a lot of sugar, and do not have regular physical activity. All of these are just segments of a complete ploy that puts us in a state of stress. To get rid of stress and learn how to do it, and what all the consequences are, spill the article  How stress causes hormonal chaos.

As you can see, everything is related to hormones, stress, diet, lifestyle, allergies, and when all this is maintained in the same state for many years, we actually fall into a chronic state and a closed circle. There is no going back from this circle if we do not want to change our lives.

If you are nervous, you can try to find the cause of your nervousness. When you find it, try to remove it. If this does not work for you, contact an expert to help you with it

A case of cure for the HPV virus

Persistence is essential because the results do not come overnight. We can see this from the case of a lady who approached us with 10 different types of HPV and a diagnosis of CIN 2.

Her treatment lasted 1.5 years, and we tried in every way to strengthen the action of her immune system and complete her physical condition. The virus’s presence became chronic because it was in her body for a long time. She did not give up and did not allow surgery to be performed. By taking the product orally, acting locally, and changing her life habits, she cleaned herself of the HPV virus and started a new life.

What’s more, she taught us some techniques that helped her clean the HPV virus from her stomach and successfully regenerate the tissue.

HPV virus and cancer

types of hpv virus

The HPV virus exploits your weaknesses that you are aware of and that you are not aware of and insidiously stays in your body. For that reason, it needs to be attacked on multiple fronts, and that is actually what we are doing. HPV is so dangerous that it can cause irreversible changes in DNA when it is neglected, and then cancer develops.

Well, you read the HPV virus causes cancer. The HPV virus can be freely classified as a carcinogen. In the last 10 years, due to the above-mentioned life habits and fast life, an epidemic of cancer caused by the HPV virus has been recorded. HPV changes in the uterus, oral changes, changes in the anus can be if they are not taken into account, indicators of cancer. You can read more about what actually affects cancer development in the HPV virus in the article HPV virus and cancer.

Types of HPV virus

In women, this virus can cause major problems in the form of changes in the cervix and, in the final stage, can lead to cervical cancer. Therefore, since there are different types of HPV, we can divide them into low-risk and high-risk HPV viruses. There are over 150 different types of HPV viruses in the world. It is mainly transmitted by physical contact, and it can even be handling or using the same cutlery.

According to the development, HPV viruses can be divided into genital viruses, of which there are about 40, and common ones, which develop in places such as the arms and legs. Genital viruses are transmitted during sexual intercourse. The most common types transmitted this way are 6 and 11. Due to their presence, bumps and changes can occur on the mucous membrane and skin and cancer in sporadic cases.

Immune system and HPV virus – DNA regeneration

As I have already pointed out in risky types of HPV viruses, the immune system can solve them. In contrast, in people who have problems with the immune system, it is necessary to perform certain modulations and stimulations in various preparations to cleanse the body of these types of viruses. In about 70% of cases, cancer is caused by types 16 and 18. you should emphasize that most genital infections do not cause cancer.

What actually causes cancer are mutations in the DNA structure of cells. DNA has the task of telling the body which proteins need more and which less to produce. Due to poor production in the factory for the production of energy by mitochondria, there is a disturbance in energy production. Instead of producing ATP, mitochondria start producing lactic acid and use ATP for work 3 times more than normal. The liver processes excess lactic acid and also uses ATP. ATP is an energy unit, and we can call it the body’s heating oil, what drives us. When he had losses at both ends, the person became weak in the liver and cancer cells. Thus, people who have cancer do not have the strength and are constantly tired.

Mutations occur due to the action of free radicals on the tissue. When the HPV virus is present, we have the action of free radicals on the cervix, and in that case, there are changes in the cervix, which represent a pre-cancerous condition. The changes are divided into CIN 1, CIN 2, and CIN 3, which actually represents the highest degree of benign change in the uterine fungus.

To not take everything so terrible, we made sure to investigate which preparations actually suppress DNA changes. You can read more about that in the article Preparations that repair damaged DNA.

When you have the HPV virus, you need to take strict care of your immune system. The HPV virus can be present in the body for many years and is activated when your immune system becomes weaker.

A cure for the HPV virus

There is no cure for the HPV virus, and the cure lies exclusively in our body, which is, as I said, the immune system. Most doctors turn to the method of physical removal of tissue that is in the phase of change, but that is not the solution because it does not eliminate the cause, which is HPV. Removing parts of the genitals does not mean that the body has been cleansed of the HPV virus. Inactive HPV can be activated when the carrier’s immune system is weakened.

To strengthen the immune system, you need a lot of physical activity, sun, and fresh air, adjusting your diet to a healthier diet. Many wonders if it is an exclusively vegetarian diet. The answer is no, for the sake of sufficient protein intake, it is necessary to take the meat of fish and animals in the form of chicken, seafood, turkey meat, etc.

Nutrition is necessary for the cleansing treatment because the diet regulates hormones such as estrogen and reduces the intake of foods that increase HPV. you can find information on the recommended diet for people with HPV in the article Nutrition for HPV

Stimulators and modulators of the immune system are supplements that cover a wide range. The immunotherapy program must make sense. It is not enough to fill the body with “tested” and “useful” preparations on your own, and during that time, to suppress each other with their effect and create a counter effect. For this reason, it is recommended to consult a professional, doctor, or nutritionist who is qualified to create one such program.

Program for the immune system and HPV

Our nutrition program is based on vitamin and mineral preparations from renowned manufacturers, with local action on the infected area. In our case, these are supraforms, vaginellets and St. John’s wort oil, and other oils that have an active effect. By acting with immune modulators and stimulators on the immune system, enzyme therapy, by acting with various preparations on the organism’s pH value.

One of the unavoidable preparations used to stimulate the immune system against the HPV virus is curcumin. Curcumin is a compound obtained from medicinal spice turmeric. In clinical trials in people suffering from the HPV virus, it was found that people who underwent curcumin infection decreased by 73.3% within 37 days. You can read more about the use of curcumin in the treatment of HPV virus in the article herb that cures HPV virus

HPV vaccines

Vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer, has been available since 2006. years. It was one of the earliest cancer vaccines and was called a breakthrough in cancer prevention worldwide. German professor Harald Zur Hausen, who demonstrated the basic link between virus infection and cancer development, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this revolutionary discovery.

Vaccination provides a chance to prevent infections with different types of HPV, responsible for about 90% of all cervical cancer cases. In Germany, about 4,600 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, and about 1,500 die from this disease. “If all girls were vaccinated on time, the number of diseases and deaths could drop even more drastically,” emphasizes the director of the women’s clinic at the University Hospital Erlangen, prof. Matthias V. Beckmann.

Cancers associated with HPV in men are cancers of the penis and anus and cancers of the oral cavity and throat.

There are currently two HPV vaccines available in Germany.

There are currently two HPV vaccines available in Germany: Gardasil® 9 and Cervarik®. According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, four active ingredients are allowed, but according to the Robert Koch Institute, only Gardasil® 9 and Cervarik® are currently used. Both are directed against HPV types 16 and 18. The HPV vaccine (Gardasil® 9) is also directed against five other types of HPV relevant to the development of cervical cancer (HPV 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58) and again against the two types responsible for genital warts (HPV 6, 11). “Previous vaccination against HPV reduced the probability of cervical cancer by 70 percent, and by nine times vaccination by 90 percent,” emphasizes Prof. Hillemanns.

HPV virus protocol

Contact us if you want to strengthen your immune system in the fight against HPV

If you want to get a complete program to improve the immune system in the fight against HPV,  contact our nutritionist and fill in all the fields in the upcoming form. Note that creating a program to improve the immune system against the HPV virus includes a nutritional protocol, vitamin and mineral complexes, an enzyme protocol, local treatment with vaginals, and treatment of the whole organism, including a diet plan.

With this program, we regenerate damaged tissue and cleanse the body of HPV.

Fill out the contact form in full to have an insight into the complexity of the problem.

You have a problem with the HPV virus.  What we offer in our program to regulate immunity and HPV:

  • Analysis of the causes of the occurrence and maintenance of HPV in the body
  • Creating an individual diet program
  • Creating a nutritional supplementation program
  • Body detoxification program
  • Nutritional hormone regulation program
  • Immune system program
  • Consultations

Fill out the contact form

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    Condyloma and warts

    Genital warts or genital warts are called condyloma. These are warts located on the genital organs or in their immediate vicinity. In women, they appear outside or inside the genitals, in men on and around the penis. There is a possibility that they also grow around the anus. As warts appear on other parts of the body, so can these intimate ones.

    Condyloma can be flat or protruding. They occur individually or in groups. They are usually a shade different in color than the skin color. Sometimes they are small and not visible to the naked eye, and sometimes they are clearly visible and even annoying, so sometimes, they go to the gynecologist to remove warts. This removal is usually done by radio waves or laser. Sometimes the doctor looks with a magnifying glass to see warts, and sometimes they are clearly visible to the naked eye. Women are given a PAPA TEST as part of a gynecological examination to determine the presence of the HPV virus.

    Condyloma and HPV virus

    Warts are, otherwise, if you didn’t know, growths of viral origin. So do these genitals. They are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). They are transmitted sexually, vaginally, orally, and anal. This viral infection is prevalent in teenagers who have sexual intercourse early and change partners and the younger adult population. Experts say a person can have the virus and transmit it without having a wart at all, nor is he aware of the virus’s presence. Hence the reason why HPV and condyloma are so prevalent.

    Warts appear suddenly. This can be in a few weeks or a few months, from getting the virus, and maybe later. It can happen that they never even appear. In case you notice any changes, contact your doctor. You may have warts, but that may not be true. Not all growth-like changes usually have to be condyloma. They can also be pimples. If they are genital warts, it is usually suggested to remove them. Otherwise, they can expand or enlarge and cause more and more trouble. Your partner also needs to be examined. When removed, they can be recovered. Once removed, the virus is still there and transmitted to others. The use of condoms is quite good protection but not complete. Certain types of HPV can cause cancer. Some experts believe that the HPV vaccine is good protection.

    No drug can get the HPV virus out of the human body when it is already present. However, there are interventions and treatments for warts, which will help eliminate them. If one removal is not enough and appears again, it is necessary to repeat it. Sometimes more treatments are needed to get rid of these inconveniences.


    The HPV virus can be completely cleared from the body

    Our body can fight the HPV virus, but it needs help. We help him by strengthening and, if necessary, modifying the immune system, adjusting the diet, using some antiviral drugs. This disease is not negligible, and as you have read, it can cause major problems in the body. The most important thing is to be positive, and the results will come. Head up and don’t despair. Contact us for help.


    In all these above-mentioned ways, we create a favorable climate for strengthening the organism and, at the same time, the immune system. By acting on the preparations, we reduce the changes until they completely disappear. In this way, we influence the organism to solve the problem of the HPV virus on its own. So far, we have excellent results, which in the initial stages managed to cure some of the people who approached us.

    It should be noted that over time, the HPV virus mutates and that it can change from a milder form to a more severe and hazardous one for human health. Contact the doctor on time and after the consultation, contact us as well.

    Questions and answers

    How do I know if I have the HPV virus

    A Pap test can show the presence of changes, while condyloma can also mean you have HPV. The HPV virus is tested by genotyping; with this test, you can determine exactly what types of HPV you have. This test is perfect because you can determine if you have high-risk types or those at a lower risk.

    Who to contact if I suspect an HPV virus

    If you are a female, consult a gynecologist, and he will determine exactly which tests you should perform to determine if you really have the HPV virus. If you are a male, consult a urologist or a general practitioner who will refer you to a specialist.

    How can I know if I have changes in the cervix

    On the PAP test, changes can be found on the cervix; if they are present, the gynecologist will refer you for further diagnosis to determine what type of changes you have. These changes are divided into degrees from milder to those that may actually represent cancer.

    What can I do if I have HPV?

    You can consult your doctor for the next steps in the treatment and in addition you can contact us, good advice and a good plan that we will make can help a lot.

    Is it difficult to cure HPV?

    It is not difficult for young and healthy people to get rid of the HPV virus. In fact, it usually does not go away on its own. It is accompanied by some other diseases and changes in the body. If an older adult has some of these diseases, such as hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, etc., it is a little harder. Still, it is possible to achieve good results with a little more sacrifice and effort in this case.

    How dangerous is HPV infection?

    Not every infection with genital HPV types is a trigger for cancer precursors. The immune system recognizes most infections, and it fights them early. In about 10% of cases, however, chronic infections can occur, which can lead to precancerous stages and eventually cancer. The virus is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. The risk of infection increases with sexual contacts and sexual partners.



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