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Homeopathic remedies for genetic diseases

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Homeopathy is useful because it deals with causes rather than indicative symptoms specific to a particular disease. Symptoms are used exclusively as a clue that defines precise therapy for the patient. Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole, not a specific part of the body or organ. Diseases from colds to malignancies can be treated with the help of homeopathy.

Homeopathic therapies and genes

Homeopathic therapies also work on genes – a comprehensive collection of hereditary guidelines for each individual. Each genome encompasses all the data needed for an individual’s development and progress. Each person’s body comprises millions of cells with their own absolute set of guidelines. This set of guidelines is called the genome and includes DNA. Inside the DNA is a characteristic chemical program that controls each individual’s development and progress. This program was regulated with 4 nucleotide bases adenine, cytosine guanine, and thymine. The human genome encompasses two types of genes: genes that maintain health and genes that produce certain elements when sick and only then manifest.
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Some homeopathic therapies directly affect hereditary genetic structures and intensify certain genes’ manifestation.
DR. Jeaner and DR. Prominent homeopaths have found that DNA molecules use nucleotide arrangements to maintain genes’ effect. This discovery paved the way for the evolution of SSHD.

SSHD therapies affect the human genome and regulate certain DNA characteristics that have emerged in recent times.
Medicines associated with homeopathy can change a person’s health and, in various cases, can improve the symptoms that manifest due to various health problems. They also fix some unrelated processes in the body that negatively affect health.

Homeopathic remedies

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Overall, homeopathic remedies do not contain substances that act in a pharmacological sense. As a result, these drugs modify health by interrelating the number of genes found in a specific tissue and reorganizing the expression of certain genes that affect certain changes in patients’ health. This fact is vital because scientific research has changed radically in previous years. The goal of upgrading genes that promote the symptoms of various diseases, limiting their manifestation, and genes that promote the symptoms of unwanted health problems and increase their manifestation. Many studies have shown that homeopathic therapies can affect and prevent the above genes’ symptoms and effects.
DR. Saha and co-workers learned that specific therapies such as Condurango and Hydrastis Canadensis have the capacity to reorganize the structure of over 100 genes.
From the point of view of health care, this is a very significant discovery because the human genome includes countless genes that cause disease and those that promote health to defend against disease. They also found that each of these drugs can rearrange sequences similar to genes. Dr. Jeaner confirmed that DNA molecules from a labeled nucleotide categorization could be used and promoted to focus and control numerous health actions and changes in the organism.

Homeopathic remedies with animal DNA

Homeopathic preparations related to fish DNA (isolated from salmon and herring sperm) or preparations from cattle (isolated from calf thymus) have been used in the practice of many scientists, such as DR. Jeaner, DR Robins, and others. Since homeopathic DNA products were necessary for numerous health problems, many benefits of these preparations have been documented during their use in such conditions. It was concluded that homeopathic DNA products also affect genes that release proteins associated with the symptoms of various serious changes in the body.
The efficacy of therapy formulated from homeopathic DNA molecules for labeled nucleotide categorization is recognized by the international scientific community. This presentation of DNA molecules with special arrangements and arrangements in a homeopathic environment allows copyright to be placed on the same product. The World Health Organization has accepted research on homeopathic remedies using DNA molecules with special arrangements.

SSHD therapy

Medicine is advancing with these discoveries, and a wide range of SSHD therapies has also been established. Using these therapies first-hand benefits from a wide range of basic methodological discoveries made in the last year’s latest research.
DNA molecules used in SSHD therapies are produced using classical DNA technology to synthesize the best genetic laboratories. These laboratories use typical methods to produce DNA material called chain polymerase. (Chain polymerase is expertise in molecular biology that creates a replica of all or part of DNA and countless duplicates of a particular DNA categorization).
The latter SSHD molecules are very potent and are absorbed in an aqueous solvent to keep their innovative DNA functions fresh. It has been found that the action of these molecules is better in an aqueous solvent. Also, they give certain electromagnetic indicators that can be more easily accepted than DNA molecules with the same arrangement.
Built on enormous research work and effort, SSHD drugs are designed to be completely harmless because they only target genes that have been discovered to support health and defend the body against disease.
There are various ways in which genes can stimulate the symptoms of serious health problems. For example, there are numerous congenital or overtime changes in genes’ DNA structure. These changes are called mutations. These changes, mutations create harmful consequences for health due to the creation of proteins that do not function as they should.
SSHD drugs are used when the results are obtained that certain genes’ level is lower than the best possible.


Geni istraživanje
The manifestation of certain genes decreases with age, for example, the KL gene. The researchers found that the KL gene plays an important role in slowing down the organism’s aging process. During experiments with animals, the scientists found that the reduced action of KL accelerates the aging process of some parts of the organism, accelerating the skin’s disintegration and wrinkling. These characteristics are completely reversed by increasing the cell content of the KL genome.
The scientists also found that KL plays a vital role in helping CD4 + T lymphocytes, cells that regulate the immune system’s movement. To protect themselves from many disorders and diseases, a large number of people can prevent these changes by taking the KL gene through SSHD therapy. This method can be used mainly by the elderly. One of the many very successful SSHD therapies for the KL genome is Super Heart Therapy. This therapy is designed to prolong the life of the heart.

Gene functions

It is vital to recognize the function of genes influenced by various homeopathic remedies. The human genome has genes that cause a wide range of diseases. In some cases, such genes are the ones that promote inflammation. It has been found that the homeopathic medicines Nux vomica and Calendula officinalis have a perfect effect on people suffering from gastritis and also reduce the manifestation of the HB-EGF gene in the cells of the stomach in people suffering from the bacterium. Helicobacter pylori.
The human genetic blueprint or genome has nearly 25,000 genes. Many of them trigger a whole range of diseases.
Since homeopathic therapies have the dimension of altering many genes’ manifestation, they become essential in the complete human treatment system. Special therapies and the influence on certain genes can reduce certain diseases’ predispositions. The use of homeopathic DNA molecules can improve patients’ health in whom classical medicines have given no or minimal results.



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