DMSO / CD protocol for cleansing the body of microbes

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This is one of the best anti-cancer protocols used by many clinicians to treat cancer naturally. This protocol aims to convert cancerous cells into normal cells using DMSO and chlorine dioxide preparation. By cleaning the cells from microbes, they go from a deformed carcinogenic and mutated form to a normal one; they become healthy.
It is important to read this article before reading it how cancer develops.

As we have stated so far, this protocol destroys microbes in the body and reduces pain in a given area. In this way, you can directly affect the diseases of rheumatism or arthritis and reduce these diseases’ pain and symptoms. DMSO reduces pain in a few hours.

Its use is expressed in sports medicine for severe injuries; it is applied to the skin in spray or cream. Its basic property is to regenerate damaged cells, reduce pain, bring more blood to the injured site, and thus tear muscle tissue heals faster, and the body heals the injury faster.
You can read more about DMSO in the article DMSO and its anti-cancer properties.

DMSO MAGIC BULLET and chemotherapy

When a PET scanner is used, the patient is given radioactive glucose, the cancer cells take a larger amount of glucose, and in this way, they are labeled and become visible to X-rays. The DMSO chemotherapy protocol works similarly.

Dmso combined with chemotherapy is also called a magic bullet in which DMSO directs chemotherapy exclusively to cancerous cells. In this combined case, only small doses of chemotherapy are needed because DMSO provides chemotherapy exclusively to cancerous cells. Other healthy cells. This effect DMSO with chemotherapy increases its treatment from 3% to as much as 90%.
How DMSO affects chemotherapy:

1. Dmso associated with chemotherapy and medication
2. Dmso it hits cancer cells and finds them
3. DMSO conducts chemotherapy to cancer cells
4. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells
DMSO can be combined very successfully with many drugs such as hematoxylin, Adriamycin, Cisplatin, 5 Fluorouracil, and Methotrexate, and others.
In some scientific studies, it has been observed that patients who take DMSO with chemotherapy do not have side effects such as dry mouth or hair loss and tolerate chemotherapy much better than those who have not taken DMSO.

DMSO combined with MSM restores cancerous cells to healthy ones. These two compounds destroy microbes inside cancer cells and return anaerobic cell metabolism to normal.

DMSO and cesium chloride

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Cesium chloride successfully enters carcinogenic cells through their aerobic membrane, but DMSO also helps it and increases its efficiency. DMSO is perfect for brain cancer because it breaks the blood-brain barrier extremely well.DMSO It should not be taken orally unless mixed with half a liter of juice or water. When used with cesium chloride, you should take these two preparations through the skin. DMSO will literally push cesium chloride into the skin so you can target the exact spot where the cancer is. DMSO can reach the tumor through the skin in as little as 15 minutes.

Warnings when using DMSO

Do not bring DMSO eyes, and don’t let it get into your eyes.
When using and preparing it, do not use plastic or latex gloves or any other type of gloves. It may transfer some of the glove material to your body when in contact as some of the plastic materials are degradable in contact with DMSO.
So DMSO should be poured directly from the bottle into the glass, mixed in the glass, and applied directly from the glass to the skin where the cancer cells are located and lightly rubbed in and applied with a glass or wooden object.
DMSO can always be used with glass, wood, ceramic, or metal.

DMSO / CD protocol

This protocol is most effective in melanoma because this type of cancer has a standard cell structure and has a typical way of spreading in the body. However, it also affects other forms of cancer and tumors equally well.

Children under 12 should not use this treatment. Also, this treatment should not be used by pregnant women and pregnant women who want to become pregnant within a few months of using this treatment.

This treatment should not be used together with multivitamin supplements, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, immune system boosters, or any other preparation that contains anti-oxidants. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer and can neutralize all these antioxidants and automatically reduces its action and effectiveness.
The best application of the treatment is not to apply a larger DMSO / CD to the affected area and skin but to divide it into several smaller doses. In our case, we recommend 12 doses that are applied at an interval of one hour.

What is used for this 12-hour protocol:

2. MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement 28% sodium chloride)
3. 50% Citric acid
DMSO mainly comes in bottles of 99.99% purity. It would be best if you mixed it with 30% water, which gives a ratio of 70/30. So you order it clean and mix it with 30% distilled water.
Here I will explain how chlorine dioxide is made from MMS and citric acid.
To make one drop of chlorine dioxide, mix one drop of MMS with one drop of 50% citric acid.
For treatment every hour, instructions for making three drops of the preparation DMSO /CD :
1. Put three drops of MMS in a small glass
2. Insert 3 drops of citric acid
3. Stir them for about 3 minutes, closing the glass or bowl with a lid, but mix them gently, do not shake them (do not add water)
4. Add 6 drops of DMSO
5. Stir everything together for about one minute in a closed container. Don’t shake.
6. Apply the mixture and rub it on where the cancer is. Rub to be applied to your skin in a very such layer gently.
Do this every hour for 12 hours but at the right time. Note that DMSO mix with other ingredients just a minute before use. Also, do not add water to this mixture.
It would help if you avoided fluid intake and high food intake during this protocol. When you complete the 12-hour protocol, you can drink purified water and eat healthy diet food.
Patients can use this mix 2x stronger or 3x stronger for severe patients with advanced cancer in very severe cases; it can be used 5x stronger. How many times stronger it will depend on the amount of substance you will apply to the skin.

You can apply this mixture directly to the skin at the tumor or cancer site and the skin around the tumor. If the skin becomes inflamed or starts to itch, it should be changed, but you should make it as close as possible to the tumor itself.
If you use this treatment from Monday to Friday for the weekend, you can pause with the treatment by enjoying nature and being physically active.

This treatment should be used between 4 and 5 weeks. There is a break of two weeks, blood tests are done, and cancer development is controlled. After two weeks, this protocol can be repeated.
If the cancer is in the liver, this application method can be on the hands or feet, as is the case with some other organs.



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