Budwig diet – Oil protein diet as a medicine

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Dr. Johanna Budwig, a famous German biochemist, was 20 in the 1950s. Century has devised an oil-protein diet that can help cure many serious diseases. This scientist has written a dozen books, two of which have been translated in our country – “ Cancer – a problem and a solution “And” Oil-protein cookbook. “ Because of her research, Dr. Budwig was nominated for six Nobel Prizes. The Budwig diet was named after her.

It’s all the diet’s fault

Dr. Budwig believed she was cancer and the vast majority of other diseases, primarily caused by improper diet, more precisely by improper processing of food and oil, especially by overheating the oil.

Dr. Budwig started this story after discovering that in blood cancer patients lack important ingredients for the human body, such as lipoproteins and phosphatides.

She realized that these ingredients needed to be replaced to go away from the disease.

Phosphatide and lipoprotein deficiency caused a lack of oxygen in the cells, and Dr. Budwig set out in search of a method that would restore oxygen.

She realized that she could achieve this by combining certain foods, so she developed a special way of eating, called the Budwig diet or the Budwig protocol.

Budwig diet flaxseed oil and cottage cheese

Budwig’s diet consists of taking flaxseed oil with fresh, low-fat cheese. It is essential to take them together to achieve the full effect.

This seemingly simple diet reactivates vital cell functions. This is achieved by taking natural unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, which contain flaxseed oil.

Those mixed with fresh low-fat cow’s cheese become water-soluble.

These two main ingredients are combined with other healthy foods – organic fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains like rice, buckwheat and millet, spices, teas, and honey.

Budwig diet

Budwig diet nutrition

The daily amount for those with serious illnesses is 40 to 50 grams of flaxseed oil mixed with 100 grams of fresh, low-fat cheese per day.

The mixture can be eaten at once or distributed in several meals. If you decide on more meals, it is necessary to prepare the mixture again because standing loses its beneficial properties.

If you do not like cheese, you can also use yogurt or kefir, but You should put them three times more. You have to mix the oil and cheese very well, so it is good to use a stick mixer.

You can add fresh fruit, ground hazelnuts, or a teaspoon of honey for a better taste after mixing them.

Besides, it is important to eat freshly ground flax seeds because they contain some ingredients that are not in the oil.

Dr. In addition to its oil-protein diet, Budwig also recommends sunlight therapy, avoiding stress and toxins, and the use of Eldi oil (electrically differentiated oils).

The combination of all this is called the Budwig diet and should allow our body to recover from serious illnesses.

Diet for the sick and healthy

fruits and vegetables pictures

The Budwig diet is used to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and several other diseases.

Where conventional drugs failed, the Budwig diet proved successful.

However, this diet is not reserved only for people with serious illnesses.

Namely, Dr. Budwig’s diet also acts as a preventative and is recommended to healthy people who are often exposed to the effort and everyone else.

Some of the essential rules of the Budwig protocol:

  • drink plenty of fluids, even three liters a day
  • eat raw fruits and vegetables
  • drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices
  • eat nuts without frying!
  • Sweet food is forbidden!
  • Red meat is forbidden!
  • eat a moderate amount of wholemeal pasta and wholemeal bread
  • it is important to stay in the sun every day (up to an hour)
  • walk 30 to 60 minutes every day

Which is not allowed

You can only use coconut oil and linseed oil, which must be unrefined and cold-pressed of the fats.

You can heat coconut oil because it does not create harmful ingredients, but not flaxseed oil; you can add it to the dish only at the end of preparation.

Avoid meat and meat products, sugar, cakes and pastries, pasta, canned food, and all animal fats.

Sugar is explicitly forbidden, and sweetening can be achieved using stevia, honey, or fruit juice.

The diet also protects seafood because it is full of toxins, and You should avoid everything pesticides and chemicals, even those in-home products and cosmetics.

Instead, You can use natural ingredients such as vinegar to clean soda.

Do not prepare food in a microwave or Teflon or aluminum cookware, but use stainless steel, enameled, and glassware.

When do the results appear?

You should feel the results after a few weeks, and the severe illness should go away within one to five years.

Budwig recommends that you continue with this diet after the illness has subsided to prevent the disease from returning.

Two books by Johanne Budwig have been translated and are available here. In the book “ Cancer – a problem and a solution, Dr. Budwig explain the theory of his treatment method, and in the book “ Oil-protein cookbook, “You can find her many recipes.

Johanne Budwig’s books are available in bookstores.

What is the Budwigs diet?

As already mentioned, many things are just common sense: eating natural, fresh food and focusing on nutritious organic fruits and vegetables. Add to this an attitude of respect – respect for the body’s ability to maintain and repair itself, with the right tools; respecting the food we eat, recognizing the value of good food and natural vitamins and minerals; and respect for our emotions, along with an understanding that all parts of the body and mind are interconnected.

What is the origin of the Budwig diet?

The Budwig diet was developed by Dr. Johanna Budvig, an astute clinician with a passion for developing an evidence-based, natural, and effective health approach. Her research on essential fatty acids and the impact of diet and holistic health on disease progression and prevention has inspired conventional physicians and naturopaths’ work.
Dr. Budwig created more than just a diet: a health plan based on a complete understanding of an individual’s physical and emotional needs, as well as the benefits of a nutrient-rich diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What foods are harmful to your health?

SUGAR: White refined sugar, fructose, corn syrup, aspartame, splendid, etc. They are very dangerous and make the immune system bad and contribute to anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, premature aging, etc. Pastries, candies, sweets, and soda / carbonated drinks (containing 10 teaspoons of white refined sugar) cause osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, flu, cold, and exhaustion.

PROTEINS: Seafood: Shellfish (medlars, oysters, lobsters, and shrimps), octopus, and eels are full of toxins because they are cleaners sea, rivers, and oceans. Seafood can be contaminated with parasites and resistant viruses that may not be killed in high heat. Pigs clean the ground, and pork is toxic; it has around grit Trichinella spiralis. Ham, sausages, hot dogs, and bacon contain additional harmful nitrates and additives that damage our reproductive organs.

DAIRY PRODUCTS: Reduce your milk intake, but enjoy flaxseed oil and muesli twice a day if you have cancer. Enjoy a small number of sheep or goat cheese. Avoid soy because it disrupts the thyroid gland’s normal functioning and is mostly GMO.

FLOUR: White flour (white bread) is not good. When mixed with water, it becomes a glue and causes many health problems, i.e., digestive problems.

OILS: Consumption of refined vegetable oils and white sugar/fructose causes serious damage to the circulatory system and greatly reduces your energy.

Which foods have a good effect on your health?

Use raw honey, 100% pure stevia, xylitol in small amounts, and berries; dates and figs are the two most perfect foods. Make your own treats. Enjoy natural Budvig ice cream and homemade raw chocolate and desserts.

Add carbonated water to fruit juice instead of soft drinks or soda.

Vegetarianism is the best way to enjoy good health, especially if you have a chronic illness. Proteins from plant sources are the best choice. Spirulina has 65% protein – 20% more protein than meat. Consume nuts (raw and unroasted) and soaked seeds. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life. Your diet must be free of meat, eggs, animal proteins if you have cancer. The only exception is quark/curd mixed with linseed oil, as in Budvig Musli.

Consume oats, rice, almond milk, linseed oil, and cottage cheese (quark), which are non-fat and, as such, are usually well tolerated. Consume Budvig ice cream because commercial ice creams contain large amounts of refined sugar and other chemicals, i.e., ‘Diethyl glycol,’ which is also used in antifreeze.

Rice, oatmeal, and rye grains are a better choice. Gluten-free flour. Limit your intake of wheat, which many do not tolerate. Make your own cereals and pancakes.

Cook only with virgin coconut oil. Use only cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in recipes and salads.



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