Artemisinin sweet wormwood and cancer

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These days it is not uncommon to hear that a plant or an extract of that plant cures cancer. The big problem is that a relatively small number of these plants really give good results. Pompous posts are used exclusively to advertise and sell many sometimes costly products with 20 doctors who conduct research and apply one of the already mentioned herbal treatments.

So far, I have been advising my patients not to treat cancer on their own initiative and their own until a plant appears sweet wormwood and treatment that anyone could use without much analysis and expertise. This therapy not only improves the immune picture of the body in patients but this plant also aggressively fights cancer! How much sweet Pelin aggressively kills cancer cells, and how much does it help patients?

How the tumor disappeared

It all started with Donald, a 47-year-old mechanic diagnosed with egg-shaped cancer on the left side of his head. I immediately put it on treatment and therapy with sweet wormwood. After four weeks of use, I received a call from Donald. The tumor is gone! When the tumor appeared, the skin became smooth, a few months after constant use, the tumor completely disappeared, and the results were immaculate.

Artemis annua or sweet Pelin is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia. All the world’s health organizations that accept patients infected with malaria have given positive results for this plant as the only recognized medicine that can cure this disease completely. Mr. Henry Lai and Narendra Singh, professors at the University of Washington, reported that the active ingredient Artemise Annie or artemisinin could be a safe, non-toxic and inexpensive drug for cancer. They also emphasized that this treatment method is very similar to the method of treatment with oxygen.

Our great friend is hydrogen peroxide. All peroxides share one common characteristic: in the presence of free iron, they decompose and form highly reactive oxygen atoms based on free radicals. Malaria is a parasite that infects iron-rich red blood cells and additionally accumulates iron. .When artemisinin comes in contact with iron, BOOM! A huge explosion of free radicals destroys the parasite.

Seven years ago, Dr. Lai, aware of the high accumulation of iron in cancer cells, wondered if the aforementioned mechanism could be applied in this case as well. He and his colleague Dr. Sing conducted experiments on breast cancer cells and documented that artemisinin destroyed 100 % of breast cancer cells in just a few hours. More importantly, he left normal cells intact.

A year ago, an article appeared about the broad spectrum of sweet wormwood’s anticancer effects on artificially cultured cancer cells. The following fact is amazing, some types of cancer that have shown resistance to chemotherapy and some drugs have not shown tolerance and resistance to artemisinin! (published in International Journal of Oncology 18; 767-773)

Another case of artemisinin

I started treatment with derivatives of this plant. Donald mentioned earlier was one of my first cases. At about the same time I started treatment with Donald, Ms. Diana, a 47-year-old woman with fourth-degree breast cancer, appeared. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, and now in an advanced stage, it has caused metastases in the spine. Cancer induced in vertebral fracture He inflicted extreme pain on her. All that conventional doctors could offer was exclusively chemotherapy without much hope that it would cure.

Instead, she chose an alternative method: insulin therapy, nutritional therapy, diet therapy, a change in diet, oxygen therapy, and more. After a short treatment with artemisinin, she fully recovered as if she had never had cancer. She now feels well, and it is not possible to determine that she had cancer. There are no visible signs except for the scar it caused. Results like this are totally non-toxic and amazing by all medical standards.

She fought cancer for two years, and I am convinced she used conventional therapy to make the outcome fatal. She explored every possible option, and only artemisinin showed results.

Types of artemisinin

There are three derivatives of artemisinin, and you should know each’s properties. Artesunate is soluble in water, and it is the most active and least toxic but retains the shortest inside the body. Artemether is an oil or lipid-soluble and has a longer half-life in the body. It is also the most toxic (but this is associated only with high doses). The great advantage is that it can cross the blood-brain barrier to reach cancer in the nervous system. Artemisinin is an active parent compound. It has a middle half-life in the body and can also cross the blood-brain barrier.

The product is best taken on an empty stomach with some natural fats such as fish oil to improve absorption. So far, to remove patients who are very close to death, by taking artemisinin derivatives, patients have stabilized and improved their condition and in long-term use and completely cured the disease.

It should be noted that in the plant itself, the derivatives are not as concentrated as above. In the best case, not even half a percent of artemisinin is obtained in the plant. Testing only the plant concluded that the effectiveness is only 10-20% compared to pure artemisinin against cancer cells.



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