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Anal itching – treatment, practical advice, aromatherapy, homeopathy

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Anal itching causes

The causes of anal itching (itching in the anus) can be different, starting with dry skin, especially in areas where it is more sensitive and passes through excessive moisture from sweating, which can be irritating, anal itching can also be caused by fecal incontinence and frequent diarrhea. Other causes can be excessive washing, chemical irritation, food irritation, various medications, excessive use of laxatives. Hemorrhoids are also a cause, especially when improper use of laxatives can lead to chronic diarrhea, anal irritation and itching. Other causes can include skin changes, including psoriasis and eczema, which can irritate the area in and around the anus, causing anal itching.

Rectal diseases are a very common cause of itching in the anus. There are many diseases in this group in which this symptom is observed.

Hemorrhoids, warts in the anus

(genitals), anal fissures, various tumors in the rectum, proctosigmoiditis in the chronic form and others.

Gynecological diseases

Naturally, this group of causes refers only to itching in the anus in women. This symptom may be evidence of vulvovaginitis or some abnormalities in vaginal secretions.

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections of the genitourinary system

Itching in the anus is a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and trichomoniasis. It can occur in chronic prostatitis, which affects almost half of the adult male population on the planet, as well as in urethritis.

Skin diseases

Itching in the anus is often accompanied by a disease such as psoriasis. But it can also manifest as contact dermatitis when you use powder, toilet paper or wear clothes that irritate the skin.

This is not a complete list of causes that can cause itching in the anus. It can be a symptom of diabetes or liver disease, various fungal infections, allergic reactions to certain foods or alcohol, side effects of penicillin, tetracycline or erythromycin, and even a consequence of depression or anxiety.

For some reason, there would be no itching in the anus, it is necessary to seek advice from a special proctologist. He will perform a visual examination of the skin of the anus and prescribe tests and procedures that will help establish an accurate diagnosis. This is sugar in blood , urine analysis, feces of worm eggs and dysbiosis, anoscopy, colonoscopy.

Symptoms of anal itching

Constant itching in the area of the anus, sometimes caused by fissures (anal fissures), hemorrhoids, pus, eczema or rash as a result of profuse sweating, poor hygiene and prolonged sitting. Itching is sometimes caused by worms, especially in children.

Anal itching

Treatment of anal itching

Practical tips for anal itching

With inflamed and injured skin, it is very difficult to heal the area of the anus. To prevent further injury, use wet wipes instead of toilet paper. Always gently wash the anus area after urination and soak well with a towel. Avoid fragrant soaps and talc.

Allow the anal area to “breathe” as often as possible.

Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight pants and nylon leggings.

Inflammation is sometimes a reaction to detergent. Change the brand and rinse well after washing.

Lubricate the anal area with olive oil: this will reduce itching and make urination easier.

Nutrition in anal itching

Sometimes constipation leads to anal itching. To prevent this, increase the use of cellulose in your diet in the form of whole grains, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Eat at least one plate of salad a day and drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Anal itching is sometimes caused by a candidal infection of the stomach and intestines. You can counteract this by injecting a yogurt syringe into your colon. It is done once a day.

Aromatherapy for anal itching

Before going to bed, take a warm bath with 300 g of baking soda dissolved in water and 5-8 drops of chamomile extract. Stay in the tub for at least 10 minutes to relieve inflammation and achieve healing.

Homeopathy for anal itching

Peony, repeat twice a day a week and as needed.

Traditional medicine for anal itching

Doctors often prescribe hydrocortisone cream. It has an effect on relieving itching and healing of injured skin, but it does not cure inflammation. Prolonged use thins the skin, so it should be used with caution.

Medications used for itching

Heparin ointment

One of the best remedies that removes itching and tingling, and also destroys all bacteria. Ointment effectively removes the inflammatory process and has an analgesic effect. One of the main components of the drug is heparin, which has a beneficial effect on tissues, removes irritation and swelling.

Hepatrombin G

Another remedy for itching in the anus. It can be used to treat external and internal hemorrhoids, as well as other problems. The ointment can be applied externally or injected into the anus using a nozzle. It quickly relieves annoying itching, but at the same time accelerates the regeneration of tissues affected by inflammation.


Troxevasin is an antiseptic drug that repairs damaged tissues, removes all unpleasant sensations.

Aurobin – removes the feeling of burning and discomfort, relieves pain. The drug can be used not only in inflammation, but also in the presence hemorrhoids .

Fleming’s ointment – contains calendula, which removes inflammation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.



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