Ruta graveolens

A plant that treats brain tumors

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The Ruta graveolens homeopathic medicine product destroys brain malignancy cells. The homeopathic agent that is crystallized is isolated from the plant Ruta graveolens. Human brain malignancy, HL-60 leukemia malignancy, non-lymphoid cells, and murine melanoma cells were affected by Ruta by coupling with ca3 (po4) 2 in a controlled artificial environment.

Ruta is often used in homeopathy for injuries to ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. He also proved that the medicine helps with bruises and sore and strained eyes after a long reading or working on the computer. Learn more about Ruta’s application areas and use the product properly.

Exploring the ruta graveolens

15 individuals with detected intracranial tumors were used Ruta 6  and Ca3 (PO4) 2 calcium phosphate. Among these 15 patients, 6 of 7 glioma patients experienced complete tumor degeneration. Brain tumor cells treated with Ruta outside the organism under experimental conditions were investigated for the following: Telomer dynamics, Apoptosis.

The research aimed to establish the procedure of self-destruction of cancer cells. The following research method has been proven that it can be very successfully done in this way with the use of Ruta 6 and CA3 (PO4) 2 controls the development of brain malignancy (glioma).

In this study, it was found that a mixture of Ruta and CA3 (PO4) 2, when consumed orally they can interfere with the development or destroy glioma human brain tumor with minimal or no side effects. Patients with glioma treated with Ruta showed better results compared with patients with some other types of brain tumors.

What is Ruta?

Rura graveolens

Ruta graveolens is a very tough vine used as an ornamental plant. Studies have shown that this plant has the effect of reducing gliomas.  The extract’s key effect is that this compound instantly strengthens the chromosomal DNA fragments called telomeres.

Telomeres act as armed fractions of chromosomal DNA to which sequences are specifically associated. If some harmful influences damage these telomeres, they can no longer defend chromosomes. These destabilized and damaged chromosomes are connected, and in that way, they create certain anomalies of cells that, over time, begin to multiply. In this way, brain tumors and malignant growths are formed.

Once the telomeres are recovered and strengthened by the Ruta, the body itself regains control not only begins to attack cancerous cells in the brain but also enhances the division of healthy blood cells and the immune system. This preparation restores power to the body, and soon the patient feels much better.

Scientists have proven an extremely high level of remission in such tumors. They also emphasize the effect of this preparation on malignant breast tumors, throat, lungs, and stomach.

When is Ruta used?

Ruta is used in homeopathy to accelerate healing after an injury to ligaments, tendons, or cartilage, regardless of whether the symptoms result from an accident or overuse. The ruta helps, for example, after hitting the lower leg. But we can also successfully treat many other injuries of the musculoskeletal system with Ruta.

Ruta graveolens is also used for eye weakness and eye inflammation if caused by excessive eye strain. Most people know about this phenomenon when they sit in front of the screen for a long time or read tiny fonts.

  • Diseases and conditions that respond well to the Route:
  • Eyes strained
  • Back pain from tension
  • Injury/bruising of the periosteum (especially ribs and lower legs)
  • Injuries/operations, especially on the joints, wrists, knees, shoulders, and hips
  • Tooth injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Ruta graveolens for babies and children

Parents who want to treat their children homeopathically should always have Ruta on hand. Injuries due to falls, kicks, or the like are common in children. Unfortunately, more serious injuries also occur in children – then you should consult a doctor. With homeopathy, you can positively influence the healing process and alleviate your child’s pain.

Even after joint surgery or dental surgery, Ruta speeds up the healing process and relieves pain. In older children with symptoms of excessive muscle or joint strain (sore muscles, tennis elbow, chronic knee pain), an attempt at Ruta treatment should be helpful.


Although Ruta graveolens affects several different malignancy types, it still shows the best results in brain tumors. This treatment is extremely economical, it is not deadly, and there are no side effects. Ruta 6 can destroy glioblastoma. Also, there are no contraindications specific to Ruta 6 when taken concomitantly with any other unconventional drug. Ruta 6 is a very significant discovery and a promising cure for a wide range of malignancies.



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